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John Cena Promo for Hosting 'SNL' Released (Video)

John Cena Promo for Hosting 'SNL' Released (Video)
Elimination Chamber - Ike Barinholtz - John Cena - Leslie Mann - Madison Square Garden - New York City - Payperview - Royal Rumble - WWE
December 08

John Cena has been the Face That Runs the Place for well over a decade in WWE, but over the past year, his role his diminished.

However, he’s soon set to star in the movie, “The Pact” with Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz.

Before this, though, Cena will be heading to New York City, NY on Saturday night.

In the video below, Cena is already testing his hosting chops as “SNL” and WWE hype up his hosting gig for Saturday, December 10.

John Cena is set to become the latest person to host an episode of “SNL” on Saturday night.

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