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Watch Neymar upset Gerard Pique by flicking his ear

Watch Neymar upset Gerard Pique by flicking his ear
Brazil - Catalonia - FC Barcelona - Javier Mascherano - Neymar - Shakira
January 06

When it comes to pulling pranks Neymar is a bit of a pro.

Whereas Suarez laughed off the prank, his latest victim Gerard Pique appeared less than impressed by the cheeky 24-year-old.

Though this is perhaps a little hypocritical considering the Spaniard pushed wife Shakira's face into a cake once upon a time... As the above video shows, Neymar films himself creeping up on the Spanish centre-back who has no idea he is behind him.

Unsurprisingly, Pique looks less than impressed with his teammate and turns around to glare at him following the cheeky stunt.

See you on the training ground, Neymar.

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