Clemson Vs Alabama: Clemson Proves SEC Era Is Over

Clemson Vs Alabama: Clemson Proves SEC Era Is Over
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January 10

The Clemson Tigers played the Alabama Crimson Tide in which they defeated them 35-31.

But as the praise began happening, teams such as Clemson and Ohio State began hiring coaches and recruiting players to compete against the Alabama’s of the world.

Thus, in the playoff era, Clemson and Ohio State are the only two teams to successfully dethrone Alabama.

Clemson had gone two decades without a conference title or a 10-win season before Phillips made his controversial decision to promote a guy who was seen by many as more of a cheerleader than a coach.

Dabo Swinney [AP Photo/Rainier Ehrhardt] Clemson’s win last night is not only monumental toward their program but just also toward the changing shift in college football.

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