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When are the Chargers moving to Los Angeles?

When are the Chargers moving to Los Angeles?
Adam Schefter - ESPN - LA Galaxy - Los Angeles - Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Mike Mc Coy - National Football League - NFL - Philip Rivers - Rose Bowl
January 12

On Wednesday night, the NFL world saw the second team in two years reportedly decide to move from their current home to Los Angeles, CA.

Schefter’s report does not note when the Bolts will officially move to Los Angeles.

Then the repeat of what the Rams went through around this time in 2016 would take place, leading to the relocation of Los Angeles’ second NFL team getting confirmed.

Questions now arise from the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, including the potential venue for their home games.

For the second consecutive year, an NFL team will be going to Los Angeles, CA.

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