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Rihanna's Flask Is the Unsung Heroine of the Grammys

Rihanna's Flask Is the Unsung Heroine of the Grammys
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February 13

"I think it's time for a shot" — Ultimate Rihanna (@URihannaFansite) February 13, 2017 Rihanna needs to have her own lifestyle show where she teaches people how to do the most while also being economical and effortlessly fabulous.

Secretly, I think Rihanna was also drinking in solidarity with the pregnant and under-awarded Beyoncé.

Without Taylor in the audience to dance along to every song, the Grammys was definitely lacking in the "diva-as-fangirl" department, but Rihanna ably filled in the gap, giving us In addition to a reality show called Ri-model Your Life, I also definitely need Flotilde and Rihanna to start their own award show for people who haven't been given their due.

Rihanna would be the first winner of a Flasky Award because ANTI is everything.

It would include a 45-minute tribute by Adele in which Adele ceremoniously breaks all of the awards she's ever won in half to give to Beyoncé.

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