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Stephen Colbert Depicts Stephen Miller's Head on a Spike

Stephen Colbert Depicts Stephen Miller's Head on a Spike
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February 15

Miller’s TV profile rose over the weekend as he defended the Trump administration’s various policies on several Sunday talk shows.

Having never topped his late-night competitor Jimmy Fallon, the CBS funnyman has bested The Tonight Show host in total viewers for two straight weeks, according to ratings released on Tuesday.

TBS joker Conan O’Brien cracked a pun in which he made Bannon out to be a Nazi sympathizer.

“Colbert has been experiencing a bit of a surge as of late, and like Saturday Night Live’s resurgence, he has President Trump to thank for that,” vice president and director of programming research at Amplifi US Billie Gold told Variety.

“While Fallon will likely take the reign back in future weeks and win the season in all viewer metrics, in this politically-charged climate, Colbert’s numbers will definitely be recharged.”

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