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How to Choose Multiple Thread Colors for Shading

How to Choose Multiple Thread Colors for Shading
March 20

There’s a saying in design that goes like this: “Value Does the Work and Color Gets The Credit” That is to say when you want to create a beautifully colored piece of work, “Think Value, not Color” The more variety of values you have in your colors the greater your chances of creating a beautiful design.

As I’ve stated above, when you’re working with multiple colors, if at all possible, limit the number of colors and rather increase their value variations.

For example if you choose to work with these three colors of thread - Red, Yellow and Green.

(Start with 3 colors, experiment and then increase if you decide to) Choosing a large number of colors will not necessarily make your work look interesting its the large value variations that will.

Watch this video to see how to use multiple thread colors.

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