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5 question for a Costa Rican jewelry designer

5 question for a Costa Rican jewelry designer
Costa Rica - Fourth International
April 16

The Tico Times talked to Pattoni about the creation process of her brand, the meaning of her desings and their products.

I participated in the Fourth International Biennial of fashion complements, my work was selected, and it was one of the works that joined me with the photographer with whom I do conceptualization work [of image] at the moment.

I also took an important workshop with an international jeweler that made me want to consolidate a congruent image and an identifiable and recognizable design style.

Each design represents a unique possibility of composition and to elaborate it is a manual process of precision and perfection and that passionates me deeply.

Constantly, I have customers that for various reasons make me orders either want one of my designs but with a specific stone and others ask me for a piece that suits an energy or symbolic need and also in those cases I give some alternatives so that they choose.

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