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Tesco dubs over supermodel's Northern accent on clothes advert

Tesco dubs over supermodel's Northern accent on clothes advert
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May 14

Charlotte Wiggins was selected to be the new face of the supermarket’s F&F clothing line.

In the ad, Charlotte, 24, who was born in Liverpool and raised near St Helens, is seen prancing about in the supermarket aisles in a selection of F&F fashions against the backdrop of the song Supermarket Woman before uttering the ad’s tagline: ‘I only came in for the ice cream.’

Friends told the Mail on Sunday Charlotte was ‘astonished’ to find her line dubbed over by a posh voice.

Charlotte, who was discovered aged 16 while on a school trip to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham, works for Select Management and has starred in campaigns for Burberry, Topshop and Stella McCartney – who kept the model’s real voice in her ads.’

But while an actress was drafted in to dub over Charlotte’s northern accent with a RP voice, in the ads in Ireland she has been given an Irish accent.

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