LaVar Ball reminded us why Lonzo Ball should hire an agent

LaVar Ball reminded us why Lonzo Ball should hire an agent
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May 18

If there's one thing that LaVar Ball is incredibly conscious of, it's personal brands.He understands it when promoting his Big Baller Brand, a clothing company built on the skills his sons have demonstrated on the basketball court. He likely at some level understands it when he's saying outrageous and offensive things to a female reporter while discussing his clothing company on television.But if there's one thing Lonzo Ball - one of the top prospects in the upcoming NBA Draft - should understand now, it is this: He needs to distance himself. Wednesday's interactions with Kristine Leahy on national television are enough to make it clear that the younger Ball needs to bring in a professional to represent him, not his father.The split would be good for both of them: The older Ball could continue his brand as a bombastic self-promoter who also happens to appear hugely enthusiastic - though sometimes to their detriment - of his children. Lonzo could continue his brand as a very good basketball player, a solid teammate, and his own man instead of the echo of his father.Before the incident with Leahy, a number of NBA dads expressed their concern about LaVar's involvement in his son's life during an event in Chicago. One especially poignant point from Sam Perkins? The effect LaVar's comments will have on Lonzo's rookie relationship with the rest of the league. "(LaVar) is giving him this pressure before he's even done anything. If you look at his last (college) game against Kentucky, guys took it to him (De'Aaron Fox scored 39 points against Ball and UCLA). Just imagine when he gets to the league. Guys aren't just gonna go at him, they're gonna go at him," he said.And then there's the marketing opportunities lost when your father insults more than 50 percent of the population by disrespecting a female reporter in a video that will be viewed at the very least a few hundred thousand times.

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