Perez Paid Off Rival's Campaign Debt After He Did THIS

Perez Paid Off Rival's Campaign Debt After He Did THIS
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July 14

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez transferred more than $22,000 to his former rival Jaime Harrison’s campaign after he dropped out of the race for DNC chair and endorsed Perez two days before the vote.Politico reports that the amount was disclosed in an IRS filing by Harrison’s campaign. The $22,270 donation cleared his campaign’s debt.[Harrison] was said to have had the third-highest number of supporters when he dropped out of the race and endorsed Perez, who went on to win the chairmanship by a 35-vote margin out of 435.Harrison, who was chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party at the time, said in an interview that he and Perez did not discuss the transfer at the time of the endorsement, and Perez also transferred funds to two other failed candidates for DNC chairman. The report showing Perez’s contribution to Harrison — more than one-fifth of the money Harrison raised — is the first glimpse into the campaign finances behind Perez’s bid as he closed in on the chairmanship this winter. Perez’s committee last filed a financial disclosure in January; another is due at the end of this month. (Politico)Harrison said he decided to endorse Perez after conversations with him and Rep. Keith Ellison, who was Perez’s main rival, about the future of the Democratic Party. It was only after the race was over that Perez’s staff “asked if they could be helpful,” and Harrison obliged, he explained.

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