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This is Not a Eulogy for John McCain

This is Not a Eulogy for John McCain
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July 20

I had the good fortune of working as senior policy advisor on his 2008 presidential campaign.

In the current emotion surrounding his medical diagnosis, many tributes are eliding over a choice McCain was widely calumnied for: his selection of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008.

Palin was a leading indicator of what would become the Trump voter, and the ridicule heaped on Palin — and on McCain for selecting her — further embittered those who felt disrespected by political elites.

So as we praise his civility, the way he talked down his own supporters, let us also recall the message he sent that many did not want to hear: the revolution is coming, and Republicans need to find ways to address the concerns of voters who supported Sarah Palin and would, eventually, bring Donald Trump to the White House.

Respect your fellow Americans.

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