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‘Who voted for Gina Miller? NOBODY!’ Backlash at ‘unelected' Remainer's latest challenge

‘Who voted for Gina Miller? NOBODY!’ Backlash at ‘unelected' Remainer's latest challenge
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September 11

The businesswoman, who previously led a successful legal challenge against Brexit, had lodged a complaint against the Government’s post-election £1billion agreement with the DUP.Following Ms Miller’s challenge, the Treasury’s solicitor today admitted the deal will need to have “appropriate parliamentary authorisation”. But the latest interference from the staunch Remainer has drawn anger from UKIP MEP Jane Collins who told "I must have missed that time we voted for Gina Miller to run the country."She is not elected, she is just someone using her considerable wealth to launch legal challenges to get her own way on the UK remaining in the EU.”
It is the latest condemnation of Ms Miller by eurosceptic critics.Earlier this year, Ms Miller won a case forcing the Prime Minister to seek Parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50. Conservative MP John Redwood said of that case: “Gina Miller and her legal challenge helped delay our exit by nine months, which is costing us an extra £9billion as a result. Let’s ensure there are no more delays.”However, Ms Miller has denied her legal actions were designed to frustrate the UK’s exit from the European Union.

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