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Trump lawyers recommended that Kushner step down in June

Trump lawyers recommended that Kushner step down in June
Ivanka Trump - Jared Kushner - Russia - The Wall Street Journal - United States Presidential Election2016 - White House
September 12

Members of President Trump’s legal team recommended in June that Jared Kushner step down as a senior White House adviser because of his implication in the Russian probe — but Kushner's doting father-in-law disagreed, according to a report.

The President believed that Kushner, his trusted confidant and husband to his daughter Ivanka Trump, had done nothing wrong despite having at least four known meetings with Russian officials during his White House bid and transition, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Trump contended there was no need for Kushner to resign, according to the report.

The Journal does does not identify which of Trump’s lawyers believed Kushner to be a legal liability.

The former head of Trump’s legal team, Marc Kasowitz, denied that he discussed or recommended Kushner’s resignation to the President.

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