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Incident at Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia declared a 'false alarm'

Incident at Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia declared a 'false alarm'
Associated Press - Barcelona - Basilica - Bomb Disposal - Sagrada Família
September 12

Update: Spanish police have declare incident near the landmark Sagrada Familia basilica a "false alarm". The police said no explosives were found in the suspicious van.BREAKING: Barcelona police declare incident near landmark basilica a "false alarm," say no explosives found in suspicious van.— The Associated Press (@AP) September 12, 2017
Earlier: Police in Barcelona have sent a bomb squad to check a van parked by the Sagrada Familia church. They’ve evacuated the famous tourist site as well as nearby shops as part of an anti-terror operation.The huge unfinished building is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city.BREAKING: Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia on lockdown - police carry out anti-terror operation - https://t.

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