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Black presses Ryan for vote on budget resisted by conservatives

Black presses Ryan for vote on budget resisted by conservatives
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September 13

Rep. Diane Black who has led a one-woman whip operation on the budget this summer. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Black presses Ryan for vote on budget resisted by conservatives

09/12/2017 08:51 PM EDT

The House GOP’s budget chief Tuesday urged House Speaker Paul Ryan to bring the budget to the floor this month, even though her hard-fought fiscal outline lacks the 218 votes needed for passage.
House Budget Chairman Diane Black, frustrated by her party’s divisions, is daring die-hard conservatives to vote no, forcing them to take the fall for choking off the party’s chances at tax reform.Story Continued Below

“Sometimes when you get this close, perhaps you just need to put it on the floor,” Black (R-Tenn.) told POLITICO in a 30 minute interview. “I have made the case to the leadership, that I think it’s time.”
“I am restless. I want to have it done,” she said.
The rest of the Budget Committee Republicans emerged from a closed-door meeting Tuesday also saying that the committee-approved budget, H. Con. Res. 71 (115), needs to go to the floor.

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Black, who has led a one-woman whip operation on the budget this summer, said Ryan and other members of leadership must link the budget to the GOP’s dream of tax reform.
“I encourage him to do more to make sure that there is an understanding, that in order to do tax reform, you need to do a budget,” Black said. The budget includes instructions for a reconciliation bill that would pave the way for passage of tax reform with just 51 votes in the Senate.
Black is pushing for a vote the final week in September, though she said it's not the "last chance."
She would not say how many votes short she is, but acknowledged she’s still encountering resistance from conservatives demanding more details on tax reform. Members of the House Freedom Caucus have refused to back Black’s budget until GOP leaders reveal a comprehensive tax plan.
Asked on Tuesday afternoon whether the Freedom Caucus would support the GOP’s budget on the floor, Rep. Mark Meadows, the chairman of the group, quickly replied, “No,” and said he’s still waiting for tax details.
“I don't think anything’s changed at this point, other than they’re whipping a lot harder than they were before,” Meadows (R-N.C.) told POLITICO.

Black has argued that Freedom Caucus is handling things backwards. She said members must first agree on budget reconciliation — the tool that would fast-track tax reform in the Senate — before they can flesh out details.
“It is a budget. It gives us the vehicle to do tax reform. If you don’t like the tax reform, your vote can be no then. But at least follow the process,” Black said.
Black has spent months peddling her sweeping budget document, buttonholing dozens of members on the floor and logging hours on the phone to clear its first hurdle in July.
Republican leadership decided last week to formally take the temperature of the full GOP conference. That first official vote count came up short, with some undecided members.
Still, Black said she believes enough members would feel pressure to change their votes if they saw the bill on the floor.

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