Batshuayi unhappy with FIFA 18 rating

Batshuayi unhappy with FIFA 18 rating
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September 13

Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi has continued his war of words with EA Sports over his FIFA rating.

The Belgium international has had a long-running issue with what he perceives as a low overall score in FIFA and is again not happy with the rating he has been given in FIFA 18.

Batshuayi was presented with his new 80-rated card, which sees him actually receive a lower rating than in FIFA 17.

His FIFA 17 card was 81-rated overall with a pace score of 83 and 80 shooting, but his new version is one point lower overall and has seen his pace drop to a 79 rating.

EA replied to the striker on Twitter, telling him "Keep scoring goals and we'll talk..." Should Batshuayi score regularly for Chelsea this season, he could be awarded special Team of the Week edition cards or else get an upgrade in January or the summer, but for now he will have to play with his new 80-rated version.

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