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Selena Gomez Violated At Sixteen

Selena Gomez Violated At Sixteen
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September 14

Pop princess Selena Gomez learned the pitfalls of being exploited by fame hungry parents when she was brutally violated by the paparazzi at the age of fifteen or sixteen.

Gomez recalls to Business of Fashion how her carefree world of teen prostitution crumbled around her when she realized that grown men were photographing her in a bikini while at the beach.

Gomez's revelation that people were interested in her looks disrupted what was an otherwise innocent childhood.

Gomez learned the hard way: When I was younger, [work] was all fun to me.

Here's an older and wiser Gomez writhing around on the kitchen floor in her music video for Fetish, sending a clear message to future generations of starlets: Modesty sells.

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