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What's the Deal with Obama and Wall Street?

What's the Deal with Obama and Wall Street?
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September 18

Barack Obama has never faced the kind of criticism Hillary Clinton has endured for cozying up to Wall Street.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below By the end of September, Obama will have spoken to Northern Trust Corp., Carlyle Group, and Cantor Fitzgerald (or their clients).

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below That's a tough thing to prove, but Obama's sustained relationship with Wall Street is not.

Doug Holt, a spokesman for Northern Trust, wouldn’t comment for this story.As the report grants, these engagements have helped Obama raise money for his foundation and other philanthropic efforts.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below (The other frontrunner was Obama's decision to continually support Debbie Wasserman Schultz as chair of the Democratic National Committee while the party lost more than 900 state legislature seats, both houses of Congress, and eventually the White House.)

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