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Police: 'No evidence' of excessive force in Michael Bennett incident

Police: 'No evidence' of excessive force in Michael Bennett incident
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September 29

Police said Friday they found "no evidence" that officers used excessive force in detaining Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett during an August incident in Las Vegas and that they had reasonable suspicion to make the stop.

Bennett has accused police officers of racial profiling, saying they pointed guns at him and used excessive force in the incident, which occurred outside a nightclub after the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Conor McGregor fight on August 26.

The video shown by police showed an officer with his weapon drawn over Bennett on the sidewalk.

Bennett was handcuffed, moved to a police vehicle and spoken to by another officer, who told Bennett that police were looking for an active shooter.

Bennett wrote that he was placed in a police car before officers confirmed his identity, realized he was not a suspect and released him "without any legitimate justification for the Officers' abusive conduct."

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