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Trump Wants 'Crooked Hillary' Investigated Over DNC News

Trump Wants 'Crooked Hillary' Investigated Over DNC News
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November 03

Donald Trump took to his favorite medium on Friday morning to question why the Democrats aren't under investigation after the revelations laid out in a new book by Donna Brazile.

In Hacks, Brazile lays out the state of the Democratic Party when she took over from Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2016.

Trump went on to write that he had always believed that he would have faced off against Sanders unless there was cheating, which Brazile's book seems to indicate there was.

Towards the end of the excerpt published by Politico, Brazile describes calling Sanders to let him know the bad news just days before the election.

Brazile explained that she wouldn't overturn the nomination so close to the general election and asked Sanders to put aside his own feelings to help Hillary defeat Trump.

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