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Tom Brady responds to report of his friction with Belichick

Tom Brady responds to report of his friction with Belichick
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November 07

Is there trouble in paradise? Tom Brady doesn’t think so.
Brady responded to a recent report that he and coach Bill Belichick have a troublesome relationship, with the quarterback, as always, publicly Saying The Right Things and denying any rift.
“I think it’s the way it has always been,” he said of the relationship on WEEI on Monday. “I think he is a great coach, and there is obviously no coach I would rather play for. I love playing for this team and I’ve tried to do it for a long time, and I have done it for a long time. I enjoy doing it and hopefully I can do it for a long time.”
Last week, Ryan Burr of NBC and The Golf Channel — seemingly an outsider — reported Brady’s and Belichick’s relationship is “not great.”
After the Jimmy Garoppolo trade, in which the franchise committed to the 40-year-old Brady as its quarterback for at least the next few years, Burr reported, “Brady camp 3 days ago felt privately TB could be traded by Bill after 17. This was a [Robert] Kraft decision to make it clear Brady finishes as a Pat.”
The quarterback, as always, played dumb.
“I don’t even know who my camp is,” Brady said.

The other report of friction came from a lengthy ESPN piece, where a Belichick friend told the website that there’s “a collision coming” between the coach and Brady’s controversial trainer, Alex Guerrero, who has taken issue with the Patriots training staff’s handling of his clients.
Brady was asked two questions about Belichick and Guerrero’s relationship and he has “no insight” or “any idea” if the two are feuding behind the scenes.

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