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Natasha Oakley takes topless selfies on the beach

Natasha Oakley takes topless selfies on the beach
60 Minutes - Australia - Devin The Dude - Instagram - Sydney
November 08

But on Wednesday, Natasha Oakley decided to ditch the bikinis altogether so she could take some topless photos of herself on a Sydney beach.

The blonde bombshell appeared to be shooting content for her many social media profiles and popular Bikini a Day blog.

She was spotted on the racy shoot with her business partner and fellow social media model Devin Brugman.

Tash is one of Australia's most successful social media stars, but the stunner has insisted that she doesn't photoshop her Instagram posts.

The 26-year-old denied she had ever doctored an image of herself and uploaded it to Instagram, telling 60 Minutes' Peter Stefanovic in August that being an online sensation meant she'd simply learnt 'how to pose.' '

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