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I Hated Wedding Dress Shopping, But I Loved My Dress

I Hated Wedding Dress Shopping, But I Loved My Dress
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November 10

When my mom booked a train ticket to New York to go wedding dress shopping with me, I knew it would be a tricky experience.

After what felt like forever — it was probably really only two or three days — my mom and I settled on a dress from BHLDN, Anthropologie’s bridal store.

We hadn’t spent much time on it — it was above the price range my mom had set — but I’d noticed its sparkly skirt and bodice in passing while trying on more conservative dress options.

We were getting close to the wedding, and so the dress needed to be rush-ordered, but my parents paid the additional fees to make it happen.

I am extremely fortunate to have two well-off parents who could afford to drop a significant amount of money on a replacement wedding dress.

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