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Trump avoids Putin, Putin wonders why

Trump avoids Putin, Putin wonders why
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November 13

Putin-Trump chemistry: Opposites don't attract

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, which took place on November 10-11 in the Vietnamese resort city of Danang, will go down in history as a summit of lost illusions. The chance to hold a full-fledged meeting between presidents of Russia and the United States was missed through the fault of the US side.

On the first day of the APEC summit, Donald Trump was reminiscent of a character from Gogol's "The Marriage," who, being terrified with the ides of married life, escaped from his bride through the window. The notorious 45th US President confined himself to a formal handshake with Putin at the photoshoot ceremony, but was evasive and quickly retired.It was clear that Trump did his best to avoid serious negotiations with Putin. Like Gogol's character, he avoided all major events on the first day of the summit and ignored two "program" meetings not to come across his Russian counterpart once more (Vladimir Putin participated in both of them). Apparently, the US leader was reluctant to discuss international issues with Vladimir Putin. On the second day of the APEC summit, Trump was more sociable and predictable, but still evasive. The White House hurried to dot the i's, saying that theĀ  meeting between Trump and Putin would not take place because of the busy schedule of the US press secretary Dmitry Peskov counted several episodes during these two days, when Putin and Trump shook hands or tapped each other on the shoulder.Putin also expressed his opinion about his encounters with Donald Trump in Vietnam. At the final meeting with media representatives, the Russian president admitted that it was not possible to hold full-fledged Russian-American talks. "This indicates that the relationship between Russia and the United States has not come out from the state of crisis," Putin said. "First of all, it was due to the schedule of Mr. Trump's and my schedule, as well as with certain protocol formalities, which, unfortunately, our teams were not able to cope with. Well, they will be punished for that. Nothing terrible has happened," President Putin said adding that he was ready to think about the future of the US-Russian relationship.

Nevertheless, even during a brief dialogue, the two presidents gave the go-ahead for the publication of the text of the joint statement on Syria, which had been carefully coordinated the foreign policy departments of Russia and the United States.

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