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Trump Jr. Release Twitter Exchanges Between Himself And WikiLeaks

Trump Jr. Release Twitter Exchanges Between Himself And WikiLeaks
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November 14

The communications largely consisted of WikiLeaks offering information and advice to Trump Jr., and asking for things ranging from Donald Trump’s tax returns to a recommendation for an ambassadorship for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The messages, which were first reported by The Atlantic, began in Sept. 2016 with WikiLeaks messaging Trump Jr. on Twitter to apprise him of an anti-Trump site called that was about to launch.

Most of the messages, The Atlantic reported, were initiated by WikiLeaks, and were mostly, but not always, ignored by Trump Jr.

WikiLeaks at one point asked for Donald Trump’s tax returns prior to the election, one message obtained by The Atlantic shows.

The Atlantic says Trump Jr. stopped responding to WikiLeaks’ direct messages in mid-October, and WikiLeaks afterward began to make more dramatic requests, in addition to the one for the tax returns, including the following.

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