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Bella Hadid Would Give The Weeknd Another Shot

Bella Hadid Would Give The Weeknd Another Shot
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November 16

Here's the proof: In the last three weeks, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd, whose Instagram cuddles and public PDA kept us glued to our phones for most of 2017, broke up; Gomez looks to basically be back together with her ex Justin Bieber; and The Weeknd was spotted leaving his ex Bella Hadid's apartment.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below While it doesn't sound too definitive, a lowkey Bella Hadid–The Weeknd reconciliation might be happening, multiple sources told Entertainment Tonight and E!

"Conversely, The Weeknd might not have been too happy about how familiar Gomez and Bieber remained, ET's source added.

's sources, Hadid and The Weeknd still love each other.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Still, Hadid is apparently in no rush.

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