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Louise Linton and Steve Mnuchin’s Money Moment

Louise Linton and Steve Mnuchin’s Money Moment
Angelina Jolie - Darth Vader - Dominatrix - Hermann Göring - Maleficent - Michael Kors - Mini Me - One Hundred And One Dalmatians - Sleeping Beauty - The Walt Disney Company
November 16

It is the de facto outfit of villains everywhere, from generic Nazis with their black leather trench coats to Hermann Goering’s black leather boots, The Terminator (Version 1), Darth Vader and assorted Disney witches.Indeed, Disney has a propensity for using leather on its baddies, which should suggest the extent to which the material has become a popular signifier of low character.It can indicate moral ambiguity (Catwoman/Batman), and rebellion: See “The Matrix,” where the good guys in black leather do bad things against worse guys. It is the basic uniform of the screen dominatrix, the sadist, the motorcycle gang and the rock ’n’ roll primal scream (all telling references in light of the current tax plans).

What it is not is bland, noncontroversial, cheap (the skirt reportedly was a Michael Kors $2,250 style) or the clothes of a classic helpmeet, which is the way this administration tends to position its political wives.As for the opera gloves: Well, few accessories equate with elitism like elbow-length nappa. Or imply that the wearer does not want to leave DNA evidence behind. After all, they weren’t there for warmth, as her bare legs demonstrated. They were there as part of a costume.To think that any of this escaped Ms. Linton is pretty hard to imagine. It certainly did not escape observers on social media, who immediately jumped to the obvious comparisons.

Louise Linton looks like she's about to use that money to buy 101 Dalmatians. —
Nick Jack Pappas (@Pappiness)
Nov. 15, 2017

God bless Louise Linton, who even after one of the worst PR disasters of the year is unable to stop dressing like a Disney villain. pic.twitter.

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