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Justice League - There Is No Justice Here

Justice League - There Is No Justice Here
Amber Heard - Amy Adams - Batman - Ben Affleck - Gal Gadot - Justice League - No Justice - Superman - Wonder Woman - Zack Snyder
November 18

It's not interestingly bad like Batman v Superman or great like Wonder Woman; it just sits there, apathetically going about its business so that everyone involved can get a paycheck.

You will notice that Justice League differs a bit from the tone established in Batman v Superman.

That means that, when Justice League tries to, essentially, introduce three new main heroes to the audience, it does so in an abbreviated way that doesn't really allow us to get to know much about them prior to them joining the League.

I'd actually be far more interested in seeing a fleshed-out extended version of Justice League than the one we got of Batman v Superman.

Justice League feels like a trimmed-down, crowd-pleasing cut of a movie that probably wasn't great so it was edited into something that, at a minimum, was more tolerable.

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