UGA Has Only 1 CFP Scenario: Dawgs Must Win to Get In

UGA Has Only 1 CFP Scenario: Dawgs Must Win to Get In
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November 30

In order to get into the College Football Playoff the University of Georgia football team needs to beat Auburn on Saturday.

The only two teams leave Saturday without a win and still possibly play in the Playoff are Clemson and Alabama.

Then the committee is left to choose between a one-loss Bama (that one loss being to a Playoff team in Auburn) and a Big-10 champion Ohio State.

In order for this to even become possible… of course Miami is in by beating Clemson, UGA would have to beat Auburn, Wisconsin would have to beat Ohio State, and TCU would need to beat Oklahoma.

Clemson has a great argument over Alabama however, being that the one-loss Bama has is to a team that Clemson beat, Auburn.

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