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Harry Styles's Style Icon Isn't Who You Think It Is

Harry Styles's Style Icon Isn't Who You Think It Is
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November 30

When it comes to matters of dressing, we'd peg Harry Styles as the type of guy who looks to the showmen—the dandies, the rebel style forefathers—of the rock and pop world for inspiration.Styles doesn't take his cues from a rock star, he doesn't even take his cues from a man.

When the 23-year-old crooner wants to get his creative juices flowing he looks to none other than Shania Twain.

"I think both my music and fashion main influence was early Shania Twain," Styles told Entertainment Tonight.

"And while that may sound crazy, a look at the musician's brocaded, embellished, and generally over-the-top tailoring does take its cues from Twain's more out there looks.

From crazy to classic, Harry Styles has proven time and again that he can make everything from all-black to your grandma's wallpaper florals somehow look good.

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