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Why I wish 'Last Jedi' was Rian Johnson's last Star Wars movie

Why I wish 'Last Jedi' was Rian Johnson's last Star Wars movie
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December 07

So you'd think I'd be over the moon Johnson has signed on to create a whole new series of Star Wars movies after the current trilogy wraps up.

And the policy among blockbuster producers to recruit vibrant, innovative, up-and-coming voices like Johnson has paid off with fantastic movies such as Taika Waititi's hilarious "Thor: Ragnarok" or James Gunn's exhilarating "Guardians of the Galaxy".

Kennedy said Thursday she'd love for Taika Waititi to helm a Star Wars movie -- but if intriguing voices like Waititi and Johnson spend all their time making Star Wars movies, what happens to the unique and personal projects they could have made instead?

The unique interpretations of creative types like Johnson, Cameron and all the many other inventive filmmakers who lend their visions to our favourite franchises keep the characters and universes we love feeling fresh.

But, let's face it, a Rian Johnson Star Wars movie is always going to a be a Star Wars movie first and a Rian Johnson movie second.

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