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Listen To Gucci Mane & Southside's "Sea Sick" Collaboration

Listen To Gucci Mane & Southside's 'Sea Sick' Collaboration
Ferrari Boyz - Gucci - Gucci Mane - Mafia - Sick - Waka Flocka Flame
December 23

Gucci Mane has a long history with Southside.

Many were introduced to the 808 Mafia producer through Gucci and Waka Flocka's Ferrari Boyz project, where he provided the majority of the production.

Gucci's latest finds Southside behind the boards for the entirety of the album, and their chemistry is still very much there.

The whole project arrives with the natural energy and presentation as Gucci's mixtape days, eschewing features altogether and instead zoning in on the collaborative relationship between emcee and producer.

This is Gucci's third project of the year, following DropTopWop & Mr. Davis.

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