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Roy Moore's crank lawsuit

Roy Moore's crank lawsuit
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December 28

I do know that Moore was an awful nominee for the Alabama Senate seat, and that his nomination cost Republicans what is as safe a seat as exists in the Senate.

Moore cites an “enormous, implausible drop-off” in the votes reported for Moore “relative to the votes for the Republican party.”

The “intimidation” consists of an attempt at shaming, via an ad that stated: “Your vote is public record, and your community will know whether or not you helped stop Roy Moore.”

Moore relies on an expert who speculates about a conspiracy, stating: I believe that ESS [Elections Systems Software], Hart Civic, and Dominion have access by wireless technology to all their computers which are counting votes, and they can monitor, query and even ALTER the election results inside their computers during election day and election nights.

Apparently, Moore wants the court to believe that Alabama’s voting machines are secretly connected to George Soros.

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