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YouTuber Shane Dawson claims 'googled naked babies' comment was 'sh*tty joke'

YouTuber Shane Dawson claims 'googled naked babies' comment was 'sh*tty joke'
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January 10

Share this article with Google Plus YouTuber Shane Dawson has posted a video apologising for making ‘shitty jokes’ after admitting to googling naked babies on his podcast.

The 29-year-old was accused of being a paedophile by a compilation video on Pop Blast, which pulls audio from Dawson’s podcast Shane And Friends from four years ago.

‘It’s disgusting people are saying I’m a fucking paedophile because of some shitty ass motherfucking jokes from six years ago on a podcast.’

Shane then continues by apologising for the remarks, saying it was his previous ‘thing’ to make shocking statements to make people laugh.

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