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Disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson apologises for saying he ‘Googled naked babies’ and calling a six-year-old girl ‘sexy’ after fan backlash

Disgraced YouTuber Shane Dawson apologises for saying he ‘Googled naked babies’ and calling a six-year-old girl ‘sexy’ after fan backlash
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January 11

DISGRACED YouTube sensation Shane Dawson has issued an x-rated apology after an old podcast was uncovered in which he was heard claiming he Googled naked babies.
Pop Blast posted a shocking clip in which the 29-year-old made "jokey" comments about paedophilia in the "Shane And Friends" audio show four years ago.
Dawson was left red faced after the four-year-old audio clip emerged
Now the much-hyped American has posted a 14-minute apology saying his words were taken out of context -  after he was lambasted by his own fans.
Dawson, who has 11m YouTube subscribers, tells his fans: "I am not a f**king paedophile!"
In the outrageous original podcast Dawson talks about meeting a six-year-old girl with over 100,000 Instagram followers.
He said: "I said OK, why do you have so many followers? And she said, 'Oh I’m a cheerleader' Oh really? And she shows me her Instagram which are like… First of all, I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but she’s like sexy.

"Here’s my justification for paedophilia - people have foot fetishes, people have fetishes about everything, that’s fine, do your thing," he added.
"So why is it when somebody looks at and Googles like ‘naked baby’ on Google and jerks off to it, they can get arrested? I don’t understand that."
He then went on to reveal he once typed in "naked baby" into Google to "pretend like [he is] a paedophile".
"Here’s the worst part of it, I actually went to Google… I didn’t want to see child porn but I just thought okay let me pretend like I’m a paedophile for a second.
"So I typed in 'naked baby'. First of all I don’t know why anybody would be turned on by that. But they were sexy. I’m kidding."
Getty - Contributor The YouTube star signing his 2015 a book 'I Hate Myselfie'
After the video went viral and made headlines around the world, Shane promptly recorded an apology.
In it he states: "I am not a f**king pedophile! Everybody's saying, 'Shane, make a statement.' There's my statement. I am not a f**king pedophile.
"It's disgusting that some people are saying I'm a f**king paedophile because of some s***ty a** f**king jokes on a podcast from six years ago!
"I loved the feeling of making somebody shocked and laugh because they couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth.

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