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Tomi Lahren Lip-Synchs 21 Savage's ''Bank Acccount'' on Instagram - XXL

Tomi Lahren Lip-Synchs 21 Savage's ''Bank Acccount'' on Instagram - XXL
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January 12

Conservative political commentator Tomi Lahren may seem more like a country music fan, but the former television host for TheBlaze actually has some love for hip-hop.

Lahren recently uploaded a short clip to her Instagram Live story featuring her singing along to 21 Savage 's "Bank Account."

While some people on Twitter laughed off Tomi's lip-syncing of "Bank Account," others were rubbed the wrong way, especially after Lahren blasted JAY-Z and Beyonce following the singer's Super Bowl Halftime show .

Before the rapper kicks off his verse, Lahren can be heard saying, "Your husband was a drug dealer.

While it's uncertain what other hip-hop songs Lahren has in her iTunes, the political commentator previously praised Kendrick Lamar's 2016 Grammy performance and revealed she is a fan of the genre.

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