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Chris Matthews Joked About Giving ’Bill Cosby Pill’ To Hillary Clinton

Chris Matthews Joked About Giving ’Bill Cosby Pill’ To Hillary Clinton
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January 12

Exclusive: Watch staffers around Chris Matthews react with disbelief as he jokes about slipping Hillary Clinton his “Bill Cosby pill”
— The Cut (@TheCut) January 12, 2018
From speaking inappropriately about Melania Trump on a hot mic to recalling an odd JFK story about watching porn on election night, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews doesn’t have the best filter. After all, it was revealed last month that NBC paid severance to a staffer who accused Matthews of making inappropriate workplace comments. Whether or not the Hardball host has since toned it down remains to be seen, though according to newly released footage acquired by The Cut, Matthews definitely hadn’t before he interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in January 2016.
According to the footage posted online, Matthews references the Bill Cosby scandals while joking with his staff before Clinton’s arrival. It does not go well:
Network footage obtained by the Cut shows Matthews, during the interview setup, making a couple of “jokes” about Clinton.

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