Catalan Selfdetermination Referendum2014

Ahead of planned Catalan poll, Socialists side with government

Spain’s leftist parties are showing mixed reactions to the independence referendum that the Catalan government is planning to hold on October 1 despite the fact that Spanish courts have ruled it illegal. Faced with what is being described as one of the Spanish government’s b...

Catalan independence rally in Barcelona

Thousands of people have attended a protest rally in Barcelona to show their support for an independence referendum in Catalonia. Catalonia's pro-independence government is planning to hold a referendum on independence on 1 October, despite Spain deeming it illegal.

Why does Catalonia want independence from Spain?

The Spanish national government is currently embroiled in a row with Catalonia over its calls for independence. Much to the anger of Madrid, the Catalan regional government passed a law this week to hold a referendum on independence. But why does the region want to break away f...

Spanish court blocks Catalan independence drive

A catalan independence supporter holds an Estelada (Catalan separatist flag) during a demonstration calling for unity amongst pro-independence parties in Barcelona, Spain, November 22, 2015. An estelada (Catalan separatist flag) flies in front of Catalunya's Parliament, as Catal...

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